Jaquar looking back

Amazing Facts About Jaguar

Jaguars are one of the biggest cat species (in terms of body size) that are generally found in North, South and Central America, as well as other places in the world. Identified by their yellow and orange body with black spots, jaguars are also one of the most interesting animals, mostly unknown to people. Since they look pretty close to other animals like leopards, most people generally fail to call the difference and do not know about the very existence of this animal. To enlighten the people, here are a few amazing facts about one of the biggest cats!

The Largest Cats!

As mentioned before, jaguars are one of the biggest cats in the world, to be precise, the biggest in the Americas and the third biggest in the world. Speaking factually, this specie of cats can vary in length from about four to six feet, not including the tail.

Males are Heavier

Although this isn’t much of a fact, however, it is true nonetheless, that male jaguars are heavier than their female counterparts. Where males weight about 120-250lbs, females weigh between 100-200lbs. This was according to a report given by the Denver Zoo.

Ferocious Carnivores

Jaguars, as you may have guessed, are carnivorous and therefore only eat meat. They use speed and stealth to hunt down multiple other animals like deer and monkeys, and even other species like fishes, birds, or even alligators! Although sometimes food in the wilderness may fall short of their diet, so they may take up hunting domestic animals like cows and buffaloes.


Yes, just like most other male human beings on Tinder, Jaguars too, are loners. They only spend time with their own kind when they are mating or taking care of their children. Apart from that, they don’t get along with other jaguars either! This is one of the few cat species that are totally cut off from their own species in terms of socialization.

This is Sparta!

Jaguars often mark their territory to keep other jaguars out. They do so with urine or with claw marks on the trees. According to Michigan University, these territories can be as wide as 50 miles! They do not like to share their food either and only eat their prey after dragging it into their own territory, even if it is far away.

The Yajuar

The name “Jaguar” comes from “yajuar”, a Native American word that means “he who kills in one leap.” While hunting, jaguars, unlike other cats who attack their prey on the neck, go for the head. They take advantage of their teeth, which our extremely sharp, and their immensely strong jaws.


Jaguars have some sort of natural night-vision. Apparently in darker conditions, jaguars can see at least six times better than humans. This is because of a layer of tissue located at the back of the eye, which reflects the light.

The Black Jaguars

Genetic mutation has caused the emergence of all-black jaguars or melanistic jaguars. The mutation causes the skin as well as the fur of the jaguars to contain a much larger amount of a dark pigment, like the one on the spots of a normal jaguar. These jaguars are mostly found in the rainforests, perhaps because it is much easier for them to blend with the natural surroundings over there, which are much darker than any other normal forests.

Jaguars are one of the best predators in the world, which are not threatened by most or any other predator species. Yet, of course, their existence is threatened by none other than the humans, who hunt them for either sport or for their fur.