Amazing Facts about Leopards

Leopard is an animal that is relatively more famous than other animals of the jungle. Almost everyone has some basic idea of what a leopard looks like and why it is one of the coolest animals that exist in the jungle. The spotted appearance, the fierce glare, the treehopper, and the fastest runner, all of these facts culminate the idea of what a leopard actually is all about. But there are a few more facts about the leopards that you may or may not have known. Here are a few amazing facts about the leopards.

Leopard’s strength

Considering how fast a leopard runs, some may be surprised about the strength they have whereas the others may think that it was obvious. The reason is that some people believe the main reason for why they run so fast is because they are light-bodied and smaller. But that means they are weaker too, which is not the case. Leopards are insanely strong despite their body size. They climb the trees with their prey to save their meal from the hyenas and other scavengers or predators, even if the prey is heavy. Often the prey is heavier than the leopard itself.

Leopards amazing runners

Leopards are fast runners, that much is obvious. How fast? Around 60 km/h fast is what the answer is. And if that was not enough, they can do a six meter horizontal leap, and also a three meter vertical leap. In case you are wondering how much three meters is, try taking around 5-6 long steps in a straight line. It is probably higher than the ceiling of your room, however that’s not much of a relativity, is it? Apart from leaps, they can swim too. Leopards are amazing swimmers. With all those facts being said, they are pretty sporty, aren’t they?

Elusive Hunters

Tracing a leopard in the wild is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Leopards are astoundingly elusive, and with their body marks, they still tend to hide in the wild and make it almost impossible for someone to locate them before it is too late. The speed and the elusiveness, all factors combined make the leopard one of the most dangerous predators in the wild. The leopards generally approach the prey stealthily, and when the prey is within range or else they get spotted by the prey, they run and leap towards the prey to kill it.

Leopards has relatively large territories than Jaquars

Just like the jaguars, leopards too have large territories, which they mark with either urine or with claw marks on the trees. They are loners too, and do not tolerate intrusion in their territory by anyone, including their own kind. Often the territories of leopards overlap, in case of females and males, and generally the territories of males are larger than those of females. The only time that the leopards allow intrusion within their territories is for mating.

Leopard’s don’t need much water

That however, does not mean that they do not need water at all. If it comes to surviving, a leopard can survive without water, for it can live off the moisture received from the meat of the animal that it eats. That means that it could live without water, so long as it can hunt and eat a prey.


Apparently leopards can hear five times better than humans can. They further communicate using purrs, growls and barks. Whenever the leopards have to say something, they bark, when they have to announce their presence, they cough, when they have to show anger, they growl, and finally, when they have to show contentment, they purr. Not much different from a cat, but they are cats, after all.