Myth breaking Hyena facts

Whenever one speaks about Hyenas, the only image that comes to the mind is of a cunning little scavenger with a high pitch irritating laughter. Well, the image is not incorrect, entirely, except for the fact that Hyenas don’t just scavenge the remains of dead animals, but even hunt. There are many facts about Hyenas that are still unknown to most people, so this article will focus on some of the most intriguing facts about Hyenas that may amaze you!

Hyenas are great hunters

To be precise, spotted Hyenas are great hunters. In fact, they rival the kings of the jungle, the Lions, in terms of hunting. They are cunning, ferocious, and wild, for when it comes to killing an animal, they don’t just eat it, but they devour every part of it – even the bones. Generally hunting in packs, a group of Hyenas can not only kill an animal and eat it but also can do the same within fifteen minutes and not even leave a single trace. They share rivalry with the lions in terms of territory and the kill, so they often kill lion cubs and the lions do the same with Hyenas. Also, Hyenas can go for many days without water, which adds to their hunting prowess.

The Laugh Of Hyenas Indicates the Social Status

Unlike humans, Hyenas don’t just laugh to show their amusement. It is not just an indicator of amusement, but is actually an indicator of their social status. Scientists say that the exact pitch and the note’s frequency can indicate the age as well as the social status of the Hyena.


Yes, you read it correct. Hyenas follow the matriarchal culture. The primary reason for this is that female Hyenas are much more muscular, powerful and aggressive as compared to the male Hyenas. This is because the testosterone count in female Hyenas is about three times more than that of the males. Even in the Hyena cubs, the girl is more dominant.

Hyenas are extremely smart and cunning

Apparently, Hyenas are smarter than chimpanzees. The size of the frontal cortex of an animal is taken to be the standard for measuring the smartness or intelligence of an animal, and Hyenas’ could be compared to that of the primates! A study performed in a reputed university showed that Hyenas performed better than the chimpanzees in problem solving, and they did so without using verbal signals at all. The Hyenas clearly won in terms of social cooperation, apart from problem solving. However, this study cannot be taken as the basis for declaration of a universal fact. It is a generally known fact that the primates and chimps are the smartest animals and Hyenas cannot come anywhere near them in terms of problem solving or smartness, however in terms of social cooperation, it seems that Hyenas have taken the award.

Hyenas Don’t Consume Buried Corpses

Some myths surrounding the Hyenas are pretty weird, like the fact that they dig up the buried corpses of human beings. Although it does not sound too weird, considering Hyenas do scavenge sometimes, especially the striped ones, but Hyenas do nothing of the sort. The spotted Hyenas hunt and kill, and the striped Hyenas often scavenge to get their meals, but neither of them go around digging to eat the remains. So apparently, the myth is just what it is.

Spotted Hyena Cubs

Spotted Hyena cubs have to face a lot of problems in their lives. Apparently, sixty percent of the Hyena cubs die during the birth process. This is due to multiple complications, like the pseudo-penis present in the females that cause a lot of problems in the birthing process. That aside, the Hyena cubs are born with their eyes open. This means that they can wander off during the night or the day when mother Hyena is away. This is also the reason why many Hyena cubs die.

Hyena habitats:

The Hyena lives many places in the African continent. These include grasslands, savannas, woodlands, mountains, forest edges and sub-desert.

Hyena Diet:

Hyenas know as a scavenger, they pick up leftovers at the kills of Lion, Leopard, and cheetah. They too have the ability to hunt, and often go after goats, sheep, horses and donkeys.

Life of Hyena:

Lifespan of Hyena is about 12 years

Hyenas weight:

Spotted Hyenas are bigger in size when compare to Stripped & Brown Hyena. Spotted hyena weighs about 64 kg, stripped hyena weighs about 55 kg. brown hyena weighs about 44 kg.

Hyenas Speed:

Hyenas are good runnings, they can reach top speeds up to 60 kph

Hyena sound:

The Spotted Hyenas make laughing like sound.
Listen to different Hyena sounds


Hyenas intelligent and amazingly sophisticated hunting methods. They hunt in packs. Hyenas able to chase most of their prey into exhaustion and kill.