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Peacock or Peafowl include three of the Asian and African Bird Species, One is the Blue or Indian Peacock and the other is referred as the Green Peafowl and the third one is an African variant called the Congo peafowl. The name Peacock refers to the male and the female is referred as Peahen. Peacocks are magnificent birds and has been one of the most popular birds in the depiction of sculptures in the Asian countries. The peacocks, especially the Indian Peacock has long been valued for the feathers and some of the fabricated medicinal properties, that aren’t scientifically proven. Despite being hunted extensively than the other two species of Peafowls, the Indian Peacock is better in thriving through the odds which stated Indian Peacock as the only species of Peafowl amongst the Least Concerns list of IUCN.s

Peacocks are good at flying in spite of the massive body

It is generally believed that Peacocks are flightless and low flying birds as the other larger flightless birds. The reality of Peacock is otherwise, Peacocks are good with flying and is as avid and swift as any other average bird in the skies.

Peacocks are polygamous

Peacocks generally mate with two or more Peahens and generally show a greater sense in Polygamous relation. The courtship is a common trait to entice and persuade all the Peahens in the party.

Peacocks are Omnivorous

Peacock’s diet includes the wide range of choices such as insects, reptiles, rodents, seeds, leaves, berries, vegetables and leaves. The extensive diet makes them one of the biggest eaters of the Birds.

White Peacocks are not Albinos

White Peacocks as considered by many is not an outcome of Albinism. In reality, the White Peacock has genetically related options to regulate pigments, and the eyes retain the Black color as compared to the red eyes in the Albinos.

Peacock is the most popular species of birds known in the world

Although, there are numerous picks on the fascinating birds of the planet, Peacocks are the most popular and fancied bird on the Planet. The appreciation has to be attributed to the long plumage of Peacocks

Peacocks prefer highlands

In spite the time spent on the ground with extensive courtship, Peacocks has been seen to prefer highlands like roofs and trees to spent the time out in the wilds and Human-inhabited areas.

Peacocks are amongst the largest flying birds on the planet

Peacocks have been listed as one of the largest of the flying birds, even though not the largest such as the largest of Storks, Cranes, and Albatross.

Peacocks are efficient runners

Peacocks have shown to run through destinations with the top speed of around 16 Km per Hour. Also, engage in fast chase and courtship, all on the foot over very long distances.

Indian Peacock is the only variant to show plumage

As far as the species of Peacocks are considered, the Indian species is the only types of Peacock to carry plumage. The other two species are shortened and has limited sets of Feathers on them but does shoe sexual dimorphism.

Indian Peacocks do not have green or blue pigments on their feathers

It is generally perceived that the Indian Peacocks has pigments on the feathers that make then attractive with Blue and Green colors. In reality, the Indian Peacocks have a microscopic crystal structure in their feathers that reflect colors making them colorful and attractive.

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