Ten Amazing facts about Tigers

Tigers are one of the most astonishing and feared predators on our earth. A recent survey depicts that Tigers are voted as the most favorite animal of the world due to their enchanting and intrepid personality. These endangered are possibly wonderful hunters and are a true fun to watch when held under captivity. Let us catch 10 amazing facts on Tigers below:-

Tigers seldom envision humans as prey

Tigers only attack when they are hungry or the prey looks extra delicious. It is only when you are caught snooping around in his territory illegitimately making a foolish attempt of drawing unwanted attention at the time he is famished.

The sound of a tiger’s roar can be heard from three kilometers in the distance

Tiger voracious appetite let their voice achieve incredible decibels. You could hear a Bengal tiger roaring fiercely in night from a distance of 3 kilometers.

No two Tigers have same pattern of stripes on their body

Every tiger has a unique stripes pattern. Nature displays such an amazing piece of art on the most feared carnivorous walking the earth. They are found to use their distinguishing coats as concealment. How incredible!!

Out of the five subspecies of tigers, the Balinese one was hunted extinct for a purpose

According to their culture, a tiger symbolizes evil and demolition. Now only 4 species are left in the world, though their count is experiencing a gradual downfall every year.

Tigers love solitude

In solitude they hunt, eat and rest alone. This way their whole life passes in solitude. Image if we put it in practice! In this state of their life, if the prey is large, often tigers bury the remains with leaves to relish it later on in a tranquil surrounding. If hold captive, their lifespan is reported to around 20-26 years.

The fossil remnants of tigers have been reported to age more than 2 million years

Since the inception of these wild life creatures, they are envisioned as the symbol of immense courage and strength. Imagine how old this horrendous wild life fraternity might be.

Tigers are considered the largest of all the cats in the world

They incredibly weigh 300 kilograms and sometimes the biggest tigers are 11 feet long. The most peculiar body organ is their teeth on which their survival instinct is dependent on. If a tiger happens to lose its teeth while hunting, he could no longer enjoy killing and have to eventually starve to death.

Tigers are proficient in swimming. The whole cat fraternity have an affinity for water

Tigers are evident to cool themselves in a small lake or a stream when the sun dissipates more heat during the daytime.

Looking tiger in his eyes will slim the chances of your death

Tigers always hunt in ambush keeping alive the element of surprise. Kill his spontaneity and he won’t kill you. But if you are caught busy in your acts, not even having a slightest idea regarding his presence, I must say you are definitely going to get killed by the tiger.

A Tiger’s legs are amazingly substantial to hold his weight even after his death

His legs are so sturdy that even after a tiger is shot down to death, his legs are capable of standing for several hours before falling down.

But sadly, these aggressively fearsome creatures are losing their count in numbers and reside on the verge of annihilation. I wish the world grow aware of this consistent deterioration and step forward to bring a hopeful reduction in the declination rate.