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Ten facts you wouldn’t have known about Parrots

Parrots are one amongst the most popular birds in the world, and the psittacines are spread in almost all the continents in the world except the Arctic and Antarctic. The reason for the success of parrots in sustaining life on the varied regions of the world is also due to the adaptation of parrots to each of the environments in the continents.

Each of the kinds of Parrots in the wild is different species

Unlike the popular belief, the each of the kind of Parrots such as the Macaws, Parakeets, Lorikeets, Cockatoos are different species and cannot interbreed. The Macaws can breed with the other Macaws , but not with the other kinds of the Psittacines family.

Parrots are amongst the highly distinct in physical appearances and sizes

Parrots are very varied in physical appearances. The smallest member of the Parrot Family is the Pygmy Parrot of New Guinea and nearby islands. The larger is the Blue Gold Macaw belonging to the South American forests, though they are amongst the most popular parrots in captivity.

Parrots are amongst the few of the Birds to be found in all the 5 inhabited continents

Unlike many birds , Parrots are the Birds of the Kind that have dynamically adapted and has shown tremendous ingenuity to belong to a  certain ecology. For instance, the Kokkapo has become flightless and ground dwelling kind over the years and also the heaviest parrot in the World.

Parrots have complicated brains

Scientists believe that Parrots has the most complicated Brains amongst all the species of Birds, and Parrots have the capability to be one of the intelligent friends of Mankind, apart from the mimicking of voices.

Parrots are the finest in mimicking voices in the environment

The African Grey Parrots is considered by many as the most capable bird of mimicking voices. It has been recorded that the Congo African Grey learns to mimic voices as they turn over 18 months of age.

Parrots are fast evolving species of the birds

Scientists have been fascinated by the adaptation and evolution of the Parrots throughout the varied continents in the World. The recent evidence indicates the evolution of the Birds is dynamic and the process of evolution is more spontaneous as never thought before.

African Grey Parrot is considered to be the most intelligent bird kinds in the World

The African Grey Parrot has two kinds of variants. The research on the African Greys over the years from the different regions of the World has disclosed their intelligence as the highest rated amongst all the Birds in the Planet.

Parrots are the only kind to exhibit all the native colors within the family

Parrots are the only extensive family of Birds to exhibit the largest range of colors on their plumes. Some of the species such as King Parrots in Australia has sexual dimorphism that completed differentiated the Males from the Females to an extent , that few years before the males and females of King Parrot were considered as different species.

Parrots have the largest lifespan amongst the Birds in the Planet

Parrots are not only the most popular birds in the world. They are also amongst the birds to have largest of the lifespan in the avian kinds. However, there are few species of Parrots that has lesser lifespan, but majority of the species of Parrots have an average lifespan over 50 years.

The World’s oldest living Parrot is Poncho

Poncho is the oldest living Parrot in the World that has been recorded at 90 Years as of 2015. Poncho has been one of the major casts in Hollywood movies and shows. Ace Ventura being the most popular movie with Poncho featured in the movie.

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