Adult Wolf

Top Amazing facts about Wolves

Wolves are unquestioningly the prevalent members of the entire dog family that is in the world. These excellent hunters have proved marvelously useful to human beings since their origin. History says that wolf is the first and the foremost creature than man domesticated ever since he got involved in animals. Since then wolves have substantiated to be our precious friends and grimmest adversaries. Our relationship with wolves even encompasses a dark side that narrates nothing but terror and trepidation. Let us catch a glance to few astonishing facts that will leave you dumbfounded with jaw-dropping expressions.

Eating a prey alive is just their cup of tea. Wolves do almost anything to keep themselves alive. They hunt down and kill their prey by tearing him apart from the legs, leading the victim to the state of exhaustion preceded by an impromptu collapse. Wolves start eating the target even when the prey is yet to take its last breath.

The best meal on the menu for Wolves is a dog. Though practical claims and findings mention dog and wolves from a same set of species, a wolf will never leave a stray day alive when happened to grasp a fate of collision. Dogs are staple diets to Russian wolves if sources are believed.

If you are living in America, there is no need to embrace fear of getting killed by a wolf. Yes, wolves of America do not target humans as prey. The US and Canada have faced very less wolf attacks compared to other regions of the world.

The Wolves fraternity has a customary practice to live in packs. A pack of wolves rounds about 20 on an average. It has been observed that every member of the pack helps in Childbearing. The dominating male and female pair in the pack is termed ‘alphas’. Only alphas have the right to mate in respective packs.

Wolves have an average length up to 5 feet and stands at 3 feet. The heaviest wolf till date has been recorded to weigh 130lbs. the approximate duration of a wolf’s lifetime is nearly 13 years.

When it comes to howling, it definitely leads the race, putting the tiger behind. The howl of a wolf, best at night time can be resonantly heard up to sensational 10kms in the distance. While in case of hearing, wolves’ ears are ten times more sensitive than that of humans’. Their sense to smell is 100x that of ours.

Wolves are sighted in packs while hunting old and weak animals. Their awful appetite makes them more perilous. They could eat 9kgs in one meal including meat and fur of the targets.

Wolf is an aggressive travel enthusiast. Wolves can travel up to 200kms in a period of 24 hours in a single go. The densely copious fur on their body often protects them for bitter climatic changes during their forest or open expeditions.

According to Roman Mythology, Remus and Romulus were believed to be upstretched by wolves. The legend has it that after being disrespected, King Zeus transformed Lycaon into a wolf. Owing to this fact, many people still believes that they grieve from Lycanthropy, a belief that one could solely transform into a wolf.

Some renowned cultures symbolize wolves as a trailblazer and also a great mentor. Wolves have a varied dynasty. Red Wolf, Grey Wolf and White Wolf are some prominent names in the wolves’ family. Till date, many species of wolves have been withered away to dust and a few remaining ones are in a treacherously vulnerable state of existence.