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Top ten Amazing facts about Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds are the smallest of the avian kinds and made Hummingbirds popular worldwide. There are more facets to these wonderful creatures than just being the smallest of the birds in the world. The birds have been in the popular culture, due to its very diminutive size and aspects. But recent revelation on the Humming Birds has been on the high context as the scientific aspects are concerned, The Humming Birds has been considered as the new world birds that have adapted only recently.

Humming Birds are spread over with different kinds, each with a different Humming sound

Unlike the popular belief of , Humming Birds are more that a single kind and there are a handy lot of kinds of Humming Birds each with a different humming sound, The humming comes front the flapping of the wings. The Humming Bird has the fastest backward speed of around 60 miles and the forward speed of 30 Miles, which are amongst the fastest in the birds of the average built

Humming Birds are territorial and ferocious

Even after being the smallest of the birds on the Planet, Humming Birds are known for the ferocious nature and territorial traits to engage in  a fierce attack on the other birds such as Jays and other medium ranged birds in the western hemisphere.

There are 325 Humming Bird species and few of them are large

There are 325 distinct types of Humming Birds that survive out there in the wild, with few of them as large as the Sunbird and Flowerpeckers to reach the size of 8.75 inches

The smallest o f the Humming Bird is too small than the rest of the pack

The smallest of the Humming Birds is really small and measures just 2.25 inches long and is called Bee Humming Bird

Humming Birds have one of the fastest hearts in birds

On an average, the heart of the Humming Bird has shown to beat 1200 beats per minute, which is almost 20 times the average of the other avian species found all across the world

Humming Birds have a distinct weight structure

A Humming Bird weighs around as little of the average birds, with 20 -30 % of the weight of the pectoral muscles. These muscles are the solely responsible part for flight in Humming Birds.

Humming Birds are not feathery Birds

As believed, Humming Birds are not too feathery despites the looks that deceive with cozy and feathery exteriors of the Humming Bird. In reality, the Humming Bird have 1000 to 10,000 feathers on its body , that is the lowest of any bird on the planet.

The Hummingbirds are heavy eaters in comparison to the sizes

On an average, the Humming Birds has to consume sugar that accounts for almost one-half of its whole body weight. The Humming Birds also feed 5-8 times in an hour all through the day.

Humming Birds does not walk or Hop, like the other birds

Humming Birds do have a set of feet like the other birds, but the feet are not used to walk or hop but to move sideways. Also, the feet are smaller in proportion to the Body to aid the Humming Birds in the flight.

The throat colors of the Humming Birds are not caused by pigmentation

Humming Birds are amongst the few of the birds to exhibit iridescence on the feather arrangement that influenced the light level, moisture, and the other factors to cast different colors

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