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Ten amazing facts about Giraffe

Giraffes, tall, long necked and imperially postured fanciful creatures are one among the most remarkable creatures in the universe. Mostly found in the jungles of Africa, Giraffes valiantly survive the palpable dangers in the neighborhood of the malicious wilderness. This amazingly eye-catching mammal renders quick attention upon a curious gaze of a spectator. Let us catch more insights on these weirdly looking creatures that walk our earth from ages.

As tall as a two-storey building, Giraffes are the tallest mammals whose infants are even taller than an average human being. Giraffes have 6 feet long legs, the height of many humans.

Known widely for their prehensile tongue, Giraffes take the best advantage of their 20 inches long tongue for personal grooming which involves cleaning and licking face, picking its nose and so on.  Giraffes have a mouth that is as dexterously functional as their hands when it comes to gripping hold of an object.

The most nominated animal for ionizing safari in African forests is no other than Giraffe. The mysterious tale behind the inception of Giraffe song and Giraffe dance is a proof of human attachment towards Giraffes. Africans strongly believe this dance is product of a woman’s dream in late 50’s.

Breakout or Escape is the most suitable defense that meets demand of the hour whenever a Giraffe happens to be surrounded by ferocious predators. Their pointy and powerful legs help the most during runaways. It is believed that even the king of Jungle couldn’t survive a kick of an annoyed Giraffe.

Galloping at incredible speed that average 20 miles an hour is truly a blessing to this long legged creature. Walking and Galloping are 2 modes of running which a Giraffe adapts to. An aggravated Giraffe is believed to outpace humans by their ground breaking 35 miles an hour running speed.

When it comes to drinking water, the posture a Giraffe adjusts to be not only clumsy but also risk-enduring. They spread their legs and winch their neck down in the water. The treacherous predators like crocodiles often hunt giraffes when they get near lakes to drink water. These incredible creatures hardly perspire or gasp to cool down.

These astonishing mammals have undergone expedient contributions with NASA and space travel enthusiasts. The tremendous scope behind the revelations of standing a whole day on legs have provided a solution to a space travel problems with astronauts whose veins go thin, lazy and weak upon their return journey to earth.

The spots on a Giraffe are unique and unmatched with any other Giraffe in the world. Their horns are covered with hair known as ‘ossicones’ which are dissimilar in males and female Giraffes. Frequently, male giraffes are sighted fighting with other males with the aid of their hairy horns. Giraffes can live without water for days. Most of the required water comes from the plants they eat.

Their physical structure is one among the most interesting body structures in the world. Giraffes could stand for their entire lifetime. Sleeping time and Birth-of-an-infant times are no exception. Their sleep is limited to only half an hour per 24 hours. Sometimes a top-up of about a minute or two is more than enough to last for a day or two.

Giraffes are reportedly observed to produce sounds like hissing, snorting, mating, bellowing and so during their entire lifetime. It was believed before the observation that Giraffes are one of the most silent beings in the world. The sounds are too way beyond the scopes of human hearing as they produce sound in low pitch voices.

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